Tim Cowlishaw

In Additional Facetime on November 10, 2012 at 8:39 am

Re-posting the intro to Drunk on Sports for those who might have missed it Wednesday. Hoping to hit home with a few, give a few laughs to others. Thanks, have a great weekend…

Drunk On Sports

I am going to post what is meant to be the introduction to my book “Drunk on Sports.” Actually, it will follow Charles Barkley’s foreword, I think. I had Charles write that because he’s a (current) friend and (former) drinking buddy. I will save what Charles has to say for later.

Today, you’re getting the intro for free. I’m hoping you will get the entire book by early 2013. It’s at least 80 percent written. I will tell you more about it later. Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones, Josh Hamilton and others pop in and out of the book. I hope you will get something out of it — if nothing else, more than a few laughs, generally at my expense.

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